Create apps using the Feld CLI and TypeScript

Know a little bit of TypeScript? You can build mobile apps!

Usually, developing mobile apps requires extensive programming skills. With Feld, you can build mobile apps with a few lines of TypeScript code. And using the Feld CLI, it's super easy to get started.

Use the Feld CLI to create, deploy, or export your app. Simply run npx feld init in a command line interface to get started.
Deploy instantly.
One simple CLI command and your app gets deployed on Feld. You can create a new app or deploy a new version of an existing app.
Version control.
The app schema is a Node.js package, which you can check into your favorite version control system.
Combine AI and code.
Start creating an app using natural language and AI, then export your app schema and improve or extend it by editing the code in your favorite editor.
import * as feld from "@feldapp/base";

const app = new feld.App("Tiny CRM", {
  description: "A very simple CRM app",

  new feld.Tab("home", {
    name: "Home",
    type: feld.TabType.Content,
    icon: "home",
    content: "Welcome to **Tiny CRM**",

  new feld.Obj("account", {
    name: "Account",
    attributes: {
      name: {
        name: "Name",
        type: feld.AttributeType.String,
        mock: () =>,
      type: {
        name: "Type",
        type: feld.AttributeType.Enum,
        values: { profit: "For profit", nonProfit: "Non-profit" },
        mock: () => feld.mock.fromArray(["profit", "nonProfit"]),
      public: {
        name: "Public",
        type: feld.AttributeType.Boolean,
        mock: () => feld.mock.fromArray([true, false]),
    generateMockItems: 10,