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From idea to app on your phone in minutes

Build mobile and web apps through natural language and AI, or by using our CLI and a little bit of TypeScript code. Your app is available to use instantly through the Feld super app.

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Hey Feld, create an employee onboarding app.

Creating mobile and web apps has never been easier

Most mobile apps today are built by agencies for five- or six-figure budgets. For some apps, this will still be the way to go. But for many requirements, there’s now an easier way to create a mobile app in a matter of minutes.

Use natural language and AI

Wish you had a friend who you could text in the middle of the night, asking them to build a mobile app for you? Feld is that friend.

Use the Feld CLI and TypeScript

If you know some TypeScript, you know enough to build a mobile app with Feld. Use the Feld CLI to create an app in minutes and deploy it in seconds.

Available to use instantly

Feld apps are used within the Feld super app. On iOS, they are available as App Clips without the need download anything from the App Store.

How does Feld work?

Learn about our unique approach to creating and distributing mobile apps

We started by asking the question: “What if creating and distributing mobile apps was as fast and easy as possible?”

App schema.
Your app is defined in a schema, using Feld's predefined capabilities. The schema can be created and edited through AI or code. It can be exported and managed in version control.
Super App.
Your app is accessed through the Feld super app. You can download the Feld app and use different apps within it or you can access apps created with Feld directly as iOS App Clips.
Backend included.
Your app automatically includes a serverless cloud backend to store data, integrate with third party services or run automations.
Apps are used within circles, which are basically groups of people. A circle could be your company, a department, or just a group of friends.
Apps created on Feld can be made available to others via the marketplace. You can also create apps based on or integrating into other marketplace apps.
QR codes and App Clips.
The easiest way to make Feld apps available to users is by providing a link, QR code, or App Clip Code. This way, users can launch and start using your app instantly.

Join the App Creator Economy

More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be creators. Today, they are largely focused on producing content, making up an economy that is estimated to be a $100 billion market.

We believe that apps are the next frontier in this economy. Software developers are a scarce resource in the rapidly growing app development space. Our mission is to enable a new generation of creators to earn a living by building mobile and web apps.

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