Join the app creator economy.

Build mobile and web apps in minutes, deploy in seconds. Describe your app in TypeScript, deploy it with our CLI, and make it available instantly to your organization, customers, family, or friends.


Powered by the following technologies:

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • AWS
  • GraphQL
  • Relay

Build in minutes, deploy in seconds. Try it for yourself.

Always dreamt about building your own app? Now is the time to make it a reality.

Make apps available within seconds.

Build and deploy your app with a few simple commands.

Feld is “low code,” not “no code.” So you need to know a little TypeScript, but we promise it won’t hurt. And you’ll be amazed about what you can achieve by running two commands and writing a few lines of code.

Use apps collaboratively in circles.

Invite others to join you in using your app.

Feld has distribution built in. Make your app available in a “circle,” which you can share with coworkers, friends, or the public. Invite people via email or QR code and onboard them in seconds! They don’t even have to install the app on their phone.

Discover and distribute apps.

Make your app availabe via the marketplace.

If you scratch your itch by building an app, that’s great! But chances are, others face the same challenges and might value your solution greatly! Don’t just build apps for yourself. Share your creations with the world!

Our mission: Empower app creators.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create apps, and we want to make you as fast as possible in creating them.

  • Build in minutes, deploy in seconds.

    You can bootstrap, define, and deploy your app quickly using a few commands and very little code. And with a simple button press, you can start using it on your phone seconds later.

  • Distribution and collaboration are built-in.

    Use your app for yourself or make it available via the marketplace. Gather friends or coworkers in Circles to use an app collaborative. You can even use multiple apps within a Circle.

  • Composability instead of reinventing the wheel.

    App on Feld can extend and build upon each other. This enables developers to skip the groundwork and focus on the problem they’re trying to solve, and for users, it means fewer data silos.

  • Batteries included, just like APIs and integrations.

    No app is an island, and Feld makes it easy to integrate apps with existing web services and channels. Adding a webhook is as easy as spelling out API.

  • Speed and simplicity. Speed and simplicity.

    Speed and – you get the idea. We care about making it as easy and fast as possible for creators to build apps and for users to consume them. It’s kind of an obsession.

Create your first app now.

It takes most people less than 15 minutes to deploy their first app on Feld, and we’re willing to bet on it. Try for yourself, and if it takes longer until you’re using your first app on your phone, we’ll buy you a coffee.

Creating apps with Feld is simple. And so is our pricing.

If you're hunting for complicated enterprise plans, look elsewhere. We want to make is easy to get started, affordable to become successful and a fair dail for when you're crushing it.



You want to try out building your first app. Get started for free.

  • 1 private app, 10 public apps
Get started for free



You’ve been investing for a while. Invest more and grow your wealth faster.

  • All features of the Starter plan
  • 10 private apps, 100 public apps



You’ve got a huge amount of assets but it’s not enough. To the moon.

  • All features of the Professional plan
  • Unlimited circles and apps
  • Carbon footprint offset

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Will I be able to charge for my app?

      Initially not, but this is something we plan to integrate shortly.

    • Is Feld available on Android?

      We’re still early in development and are focussing on iOS first. However, Feld is entirely built on cross-platform technologies (React Native, namely), which will allow us to support iOS and Android in the future.

    • Will others be able to use my app?

      That’s up to you to control. Apps are used within Circles (groups of users), so you can invite others in a Circle and jointly use your app. You can also make the app publicly available to other users to use within their Circles.

    • Will my app be available through the iOS and Android app stores?

      We’re evaluating this for the future, and we have some great ideas around it. But for now, your app will be available within the Feld app and on the web.

    • I need details. Where can I learn more?

      A detailed description of how Feld works as well as a quick start guide and more background information can be found in the Docs.