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Simplicity is key, even for our pricing

Using apps built with Feld is always free for consumers. To create, manage, and distribute apps, you'll need to choose one of our two creator plans.


You use apps built with Feld. You might also want to try out the creator experience by creating your own app.


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  • Use apps built with Feld
  • Create one custom app
  • Access to community support

Creator Pro

Most popular

You create some Feld apps for your own business or for clients. You share them with individual groups.


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  • Create up to 5 custom apps
  • Acccess to email support

Creator Business

You regularly create apps using Feld for other businesses. You might also want to distribute some of these apps via our marketplace.


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  • Create unlimited custom apps
  • Distribute apps via marketplace*
  • Use integrations and automations*
  • Acccess to email support
* Not yet availabe