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Verified News, Real Voices


TrueSphere is a revolutionary journalism app that brings real-time, verifiable news from around the world to your fingertips. With KYC-verified accounts, we ensure one account per user and a platform free from fake news and bots. Report fake news and spam to maintain the integrity of information.

App idea submitted by Justin (@justincxa).

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Experience the TrueSphere Advantage

A world of authentic news and updates tailored for you.

Verified Identities

TrueSphere ensures a secure platform with KYC-verified accounts, eliminating bots and fake news. Experience a trustworthy news environment.

Real-time Updates

Stay informed with real-time news and updates from around the world. TrueSphere keeps you connected to the most important events.

User-driven Reporting

Help maintain the integrity of information by reporting fake news and spam. Together, we create a reliable news ecosystem.

TrueSphere's Powerful Features

Global Coverage

Access news from every corner of the world, brought to you by our extensive network of verified journalists and sources.

Customizable Feed

Tailor your news feed to your interests and preferences, ensuring a personalized and relevant news experience.

Community Engagement

Engage with fellow users, discuss news, and share your thoughts on the platform, fostering a community of informed citizens.


What users are saying about TrueSphere

“TrueSphere has become my go-to news app. It's refreshing to have a platform that values authenticity and user engagement.”

John Smith

“I love the real-time updates and customizable feed. TrueSphere keeps me informed on the topics I care about most.”

Jane Doe

“Finally, a news app that takes verification seriously! TrueSphere has restored my faith in online journalism.”

Michael Brown

“TrueSphere's global coverage is unmatched. I can stay connected to the world and trust the information I receive.”

Emily Davis

“The user-driven reporting feature is a game-changer. TrueSphere empowers us to maintain the integrity of news on the platform.”

Sophia Johnson

“TrueSphere has revolutionized the way I consume news. The verified accounts and community engagement make it a reliable and enjoyable experience.”

Lucas Martinez
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