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Your ultimate scouting companion


ScoutMate is the all-in-one app for scouts to plan their summer camp, navigate hikes, and learn essential skills. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, ScoutMate makes scouting adventures more organized and enjoyable. Join the community and elevate your scouting experience.

App idea submitted by Benedikt (@bndkt).

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Unlock the full potential of your scouting adventures

ScoutMate is designed to help you make the most of your scouting experience.

Effortless Planning

Plan your summer camp with ease using ScoutMate's built-in tools. Create schedules, manage tasks, and keep track of important information all in one place.

Navigation & Safety

Never get lost on a hike again with ScoutMate's reliable navigation features. Access maps, track your progress, and stay connected with your group for a safer adventure.

Learn & Grow

Expand your scouting knowledge with ScoutMate's educational resources. Discover new knots, learn survival skills, and document your adventures in a digital diary.

Discover ScoutMate's powerful features

Camp Planner

Organize your summer camp activities, set goals, and collaborate with your fellow scouts. ScoutMate makes planning your camp a breeze.

Hike Navigator

Stay on track with ScoutMate's GPS-enabled navigation system. Mark waypoints, view topographic maps, and share your location with your group.

Knots & Skills

Master essential scouting skills with step-by-step tutorials and interactive learning tools. ScoutMate helps you become a more skilled and confident scout.


What users are saying about ScoutMate

“ScoutMate has made planning our summer camp so much easier. The navigation features are a lifesaver on hikes, and I've learned so many new knots!”

Jane Doe

“I can't imagine going on a scouting adventure without ScoutMate. It's the perfect companion for any scout looking to level up their skills.”

John Smith

“ScoutMate is a game-changer for our troop. It's helped us stay organized, learn new skills, and make the most of our scouting experience.”

Emma Brown

“I love the digital diary feature in ScoutMate. It's a great way to document our adventures and share them with friends and family.”

Oliver Johnson

“ScoutMate has everything a scout needs in one app. It's easy to use, packed with features, and has made our scouting adventures even better.”

Sophia Williams

“The educational resources in ScoutMate are fantastic. I've learned so much about knots and survival skills, and it's made me a more confident scout.”

Liam Jones
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