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We think Feld is great. Still, it may not be right for you.

Product websites are usually full of superlatives and promises about how this thing is just perfect for you. Wouldn't it be only fair to also point out why soemthing might not be a good fit? We thought so, too.

AppStore listing
Apps created with Feld are not standalone apps that can be listed in the App Store. If you need your app to be discovered through the App Store, Feld is not for you.
Highly customized design
Feld apps are based on a finite set on capabilities and UI components with limited customization options. If your app required a highly customized design, Feld is not for you.
Offline capabilities
Feld apps are designed to be used online. We might add offline capabilities at some point, but for now, if your app is required to work while being offline, Feld is not for you.
Enterprise capabilities
Feld is uniquely positioned for creating apps for small and medium-sized businesses. If you have enterprise requirements like SSO, SLA, SOC 2, or CRM- and ERP-integration, Feld is not for you.